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Discovery Wellness Alliance was formed to bring professionals from all aspect of wellness together to use their knowledge to benefit your life, one community at a time. They have come together to help you take charge of your wellbeing.  Based around an award winning hand scanner that is being placed in convenient locations in your community. Learn ways to help bring balance, strength and health to all aspects of your life.  Get your Health Score in just 30 seconds with a noninvasive scan of your hand.

Our goal is to have health professionals freely share their expertise to our members to increase their health score naturally.  We have purposefully made our programs affordable for everyone.

We welcome your comments to benefit the DWA cause.

Wayne D’Anna & Dr Ann West


A 90 second hand scan gives your Health Score

A 90 second hand scan gives your Health Score


DWA Membership login

DWA Membership login

Please note that this website is new. It’s information and growth will be daily and we appreciate your patience during the launch period of this site. We welcome and appreciate all the positive feedback we have had in the formation of our site. We look forward to having it help everyone’s journey for a better Health Score. May Good Health and Happiness be the result of your efforts.
The DWA Alliance team.